make a difference


Volunteering with ICAS provides work experience for those who are interested in a career in Health & Social Care and also provides an opportunity for those with time on their hands to make a personal contribution to their local community. Our volunteers provide a mixture of duties within the service – Administration, Reception, and co-facilitation in our Foundations of Recovery Programme. All of our volunteers receive specialised training.

Peer Mentors/Recovery Navigators

Our Peer Mentors and Recovery Navigators are former service users, who have been through our treatment pathway and who are stable in their recovery. Peer Mentors/Recovery Navigators bring a visible recovery presence around the service. They will meet and greet Service Users at reception, they will escort SU’s to appointments, other Agencies etc. Peer mentors are trained to support new and former service users as they try to overcome addiction and make changes in their lives. Peer mentors provide a positive role model and active support for others just starting out on their road to recovery, helping individuals to consider their options and supporting them to achieve their goals.

For more information on any aspect of volunteering at ICAS, contact the ICAS Volunteering and Peer Mentoring Coordinator, Jane Robinson on 07554 016 740 or by e-mail to