Confidentiality Statement

Your right to confidentiality

Change, grow, live services aims to offer all service users a confidential service. This means that we do not share the information that you have disclosed to us without there being a necessary need to do so without your prior consent.

In order to give you the best practice we can, information will be shared within change, grow, live. This will be done in a professional and appropriate way for the purposes of case allocation, continuity of care, safeguarding and worker supervision, so that you can receive proper care and treatment.

In order to provide you with joined up and effective support and treatment with other services, we may need to share your information with other professionals involved in your care. This may include sharing your assessment and care plan information as well as any safeguarding information and ongoing communication. This will only take place with your written permission which will be obtained in a “consent to share” information form.

If you wish for us to have contact with any of your family members or any other significant person(s) this will also only take place with your written permission in a consent to share form.

Circumstance under which confidentiality may be breached

Information may be disclosed and confidentiality breached in the following circumstances:

  • Where a child is suspected of being at risk or harm
  • Where yourself or another person is at risk of harm
  • When a worker is summoned by a court to give evidence
  • If you disclose information about criminal offences, including being in possession of offensive weapons or potentially pending criminal activity
  • If you are found to be discussing the sale or purchase of illegal drugs, or found to be in possession of these whilst in service premises
  • Where information may be related to the act of Terrorism

Sharing information for the purposes of monitoring and research purposes

Our service is required to provide electronic information monitoring, performance, research and service planning purposes to local and central government organisations who are involved in the treatment system, as well as on occasion to independent research bodies. This includes your local drug and alcohol services commissioning team (DAT/DAAT), the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System (NDTMS), Public Health England (PHE), and if you have come into contact with our service through the Drug Intervention Programme (DIP), the Home Office.

The information we share with these organisation is limited to non-identifiable attributors, such as initials, date of birth, gender and the first part of postcodes. All other person identifiers remain anonymous. At all times any and all data being shared or provided for the purposes of monitoring and research will not allow disclosure of your personal data. The information held by our service and by local government organisations on electronic computers is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.