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What’s the difference between the service and AA?

AA is a support group that focuses on a 12 step philosophy which promotes complete abstinence.

Will you tell my employer or Social Services?

Many people who attend ICAS have jobs and/or children. We will support you to look at all the areas in your life which your alcohol use may impact upon and we will help you to make changes. If we have ongoing concerns that you maybe putting others at risk, we have a Duty of Care to ensure others are safe-guarded. Please read our confidentiality statement.

Will you tell my family?

No, not without your specific consent.

Can my family get any support while I recover?

Yes, our Some Space Service provides help to family members, partners or friends of the drinker. They can get 1:1 counselling, group support and access to alternative therapies.

Isn’t it just for street drinkers?

No. People from all walks of life request support for their alcohol use. This ranges from those who “tipple” too much, through to those who drink all day every day. We offer guidance and support for all levels of drinking.

What is a detox?

For those who are drinking heavily and who experience withdrawal symptoms i.e. shakes, sweats, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc, we can offer a medically-assisted withdrawal from alcohol (detoxification). This can be undertaken in the community (at your GP surgery, or in your home, depending on your health status) or in a residential detoxification centre.

Do I have to stop drinking completely?

No. We will work with you to help you achieve the goal you choose for yourself, be it a reduction to safer levels of drinking, or abstinence. We will also give you advice and information to reduce the risk of your alcohol use to your health.

How will I socialise or have fun if I stop drinking?

Many of our Service Users who have stopped drinking, have discovered new hobbies or rediscovered the interests they had, before alcohol got in the way. Our Foundations of Recovery Programme will support you to make new friends and introduce you to the SHP Aftercare Programme where you can engage in a variety of activities, including access to Education, Training and Employment.

Will it go on my GP medical records?

Please refer to our confidentiality statement.

My culture forbids me from mixing with non-family men. Can you still help?

Yes, we run a weekly Women’s Group which is a safe space for you to support and be supported by other women. You can be seen by a female keyworker.