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Foundations of Recovery

Foundations of Change


A four week programme designed to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space in which to explore where I currently am with my life, what part alcohol plays in my life and the changes I want to make. Themes running through the programme include: reasons for my alcohol use, identifying my triggers, how I manage my thoughts and feelings, the link between my thoughts, feelings and behaviour, setting realistic and achievable goals and building motivation in order to start taking back control of my life and my alcohol use.

Foundations of Growth


The next four week programme aims to build on the awareness and maintain the motivation gained from foundations of change. Building my confidence and self-esteem in order to be more assertive in all areas of my life and taking back control of my alcohol use. In foundations of growth we will look in more depth around where our thoughts and feelings come from and learn new ways of managing them, how to cope with urges, triggers and cravings. Looking at what are my needs and how do I get these met, how do I continue to take care of myself and develop as a person.

Foundations of Life


This is the ongoing process of managing my life. Being able to reflect upon and support the positive changes I have made and the changes I still wish to make. During change and growth we will introduce various community services, groups and activities which can be used for ongoing support. Continuing to manage my thoughts and feelings and develop more confidence and self-esteem in order to fulfil my own potential and have increased hope for my future.