look after yourself and your friends

Stay Safe on a Night Out

  • Make sure that if you go out you do not leave your drink unattended. It may be tampered with.
  • Avoid binge drinking – as well as negatively affecting your health in the long term it often leads to anti-social and aggressive behaviour and accidents.
  • Make a plan with the people that you are going out with about how you will get home safely – i.e. designated drivers, sticking together, checking in by phone.
  • Make sure you have the taxi fare at the end of a night out.
  • Know your own limits – set yourself your own limit and ask friends to support you to stick to it.
  • Try not to get so drunk that you become unaware of dangers – you are not superman/superwoman.
  • Think ahead to how you will feel the next morning if you take a risk.
  • Trust your instincts and get yourself out of situations at the first sign of trouble.
  • If alcohol is leading to violence within your relationship get some help, contact us
  • In any emergency call 999.